The Burlington Slam Project & HYWire Writing Workshops


April is Slam Finals! Stay Tuned for a list of confirmed competitors. There will not be an open slam in April; as only qualified competitors will be invited, but there will still be an open mic and a featured guest artist, as well as a battle of words to select this year’s National slam team.

Where: Windjammer By The Lake – 5353 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington, ON

We are in the basement downstairs; unfortunately this space is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize and are still looking for options for the future.

3rd Thursday of every month.Β  Sign-up is @ 7:45 pm

The City’s only monthly poetry slam for almost 10 years running! Never the same show twice.

$10 cover, or only $5 if you sign up to be a part of the show. We won’t turn anyone away, if you can’t cover the full $10 this month; let us know at the door. Our cover costs go towards paying for the venue, the feature performer, and awarding prize money for the top three competitors in the poetry slam, as well as saving for the annual team’s travel.

For best results and most up to date info, please consult the BSP Facebook Group for monthly slam event information:

Click here to find out how you can help Burlington’s only monthly spoken word event


Did you know that we hold a FREE monthly Writing Workshop?! Well we do!

On the 4th Thursday of every month, from September to June at theΒ Burlington Public Library’s Alton Branch (3040 Tim Dobbie Dr, Burlington, ON) from 7:oo pm to 8:30

We typically provide some writing prompts and promote discussions about writing strategies, but if you would like some opportunities to workshop your own writing with our facilitator, please, bring something in!


  1. Freddie Krueger

    thank you SO much for useing that picture for your wedsite πŸ™‚ it means alot to me and i will be sure to atend the next slam πŸ™‚

  2. I’m excited to see David Perez on July 21st!

  3. where is the October slam and who is featuring?

  4. KATALOG Issue 4: DIALOG
    Submission Deadline: November 11, 2011

    Language consists heavily of body, sound and text. We are looking for performance which uses the spoken voice and which pushes our understanding of language and communication. KATALOG is a performance based online publication that has the ability to include both video and sound. We are looking for submissions for an upcoming issue called DIALOG. In this issue of KATALOG we are seeking both traditional and loose ideas of the performance of spoken word.

    You can send your documentation / creations / writings / questions to submission@cccponline.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    To view past issues of KATALOG please visit

  5. Great Article. You do a good job. I appreciate it.

  6. I would strenuously urge people to catch Christian Drake. He is truly remarkable.

  7. If someone could shoot me an email, I would greatly appreciate it because I have a few questions about The Burlington Slam Project
    Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  8. Had an amazing time last night… was my and my friend’s first time out and we really enjoyed ourselves! So much talent in southwest Ontario!

    I especially enjoyed P.O.E. (winner) and Bawsome (not sure if I got his name right – 3rd place). In his 1st performance, a couple lines of Bawsome’s slam LITERALLY gave me chills and made the hair on my arms stand up!!! Visceral!

    • thanks for coming out Esther – glad to hear that you had a good time!
      please help us spread the word – we’ll do it again on the 3rd Thursday of November with a different feature artist and a new line-up of slammers vying for that top spot and $100 cash prize.

  9. Hi there,
    I was wondering.. Are your poetry slams available to audiences of all-ages?

    • Dan(AKA Dan Murray(AKA Dan))

      Yes, Katie, they are! We like to advice a bit of discretion – as there is no censorship on our stage, so poets can be found discussing topics of a sensitive or more mature nature, as well as using foul language, but we put no restrictions on age at our shows, or on our stage.

  10. If you want to perform a poem can you just show up and sign up the night of the event? Are there any requirements to be met?

    • Yup, just show up the night of the slam and when the host calls for sign up go put your name (or an alias) down on the list.

      There are no requirements. But if you want to compete in the slam there are some rules. If you find a little daunting then you might want to consider the open mic

  11. Hey! Around what time will Slam go until on Thursday evening (Aug 21)?

  12. I have a couple questions about the poetry slam, if someone can email me that’d be great!

  13. Do I have to sign up for the workshops at Tansley?

    • Hi Noor,

      We don’t do them at Tansley anymore, they are at Alton Village branch, 4th Thursday every month except July/August. They are free to whoever shows up; no sign-up required.


    • In case you are still interested – the workshops have resumed at Alton Village Public Library on the 4th Thursday of each month. You can find more information on facebook under the HYWire page.

  14. Do you have age restrictions for the slam poetry competition?

    • Hi Annika,

      We don’t have any age restrictions. We do say that it is not a “family show” as we do not censor content either and therefore there is the possibility of rough language and coarse subject matter.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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