The Burlington Slam Project Needs Your Help!

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Did you know that we hold a monthly Writing Workshop? Well we do!
When? 4th Thursday of every month, from September to June. 7PM Start time
Where? Burlington Public Library in Tansley Woods. (It’s in a special room in the library. There’ll be a sign.)
What? We like to get some writing prompts and exercises going, but if you would like some opportunities to workshop your own writing as a group, please, bring some in!


The Black Bull: Banquet Hall Located at 1124 Guelph Line, Burlington

– Unless otherwise stated! Be sure to check events for alternate venues.

– Can’t find us? Ask the Black Bull staff where the slam is! They’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

3rd Thursday of every month.  Sign-up is @ 8pm with Open Mic and then Slam to follow

For smoking hot poetry!

A cover charge $5 (Only $5???) goes towards paying for the feature performer and prize money for the winner of the slam.

As always we’ll have an Open Mic for any and all types of performance; bring your guitar, your songs, your stand-up, your rants and ragtime show tunes – it’s all about getting it out there!  Or you can always sign up for the slam, see if you have what it takes to reign supreme, and take home the cash prize.


Thursday, October 15th
Burlington Slam Project Feat. JG The Jugganaut


After a tremendous season opener, why would we do anything BUT keep that energy going!?

So this month, we’ve got another tasty open mic followed by another hot, hot slam – and a POWERHOUSE of a feature, who steamrolled everybody at Dwayne Morgan’s Last Poet Standing this year – JG The Jugganaut!

Using the stage name JG The Jugganaut, John Gibson, has built a reputation that is synonymous with quality poetry, entertainment, and education. In just over five years as a full time poet, JG has travelled the country performing in some of the biggest events with some of the biggest names. He has released three well-received spoken word albums along the way, the last of which, Rhythmic American Poetry, earned him a National Poetry Award in 2013 for Best Album.
A running back on the football team during his undergrad years at Bowling Green State University, JG attacks microphones with the same relentless power and passion that overwhelmed linebackers on fall Saturdays. His unique blend of hip-hop tinged spoken word poetry has ushered him into the finals of the 2013 Rust Belt Poetry Slam and the semifinals of the 2013 National Poetry Slam
JG has been a featured performer at Austin, Texas’ South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival, The Savannah Spoken Word Festival (Savannah, GA) and The Zora Neal Hurston Poetry Festival (Orlando, Florida) amongst other festivals, universities and poetry shows. His poetry is featured on J.Rawls rap album, Legacy, released on Polar Records in June 2014.
As a poetry workshop facilitator, John has taught his 10 Rhyme Commandments workshop, among other workshop topics, at levels ranging from middle school to university.
JG is currently working on a new recording project titled, Lucky Me, which he plans to release in the fall of 2015. JG and his work can be found on social media at:,,, @Jugganautical : Twitter, @BlameJG : Instagram

So bring a friend and a fiver! Volunteer to get in free! Come be a judge! Be an open mic’er! Be a slammer! Be an audience member! If you’re JG the Jugganaut, be the feature! Whatever you do, just BE THERE!

NOTICE! – To any female-identifying poets who are hoping to compete next month to represent Burlington at the Women of the World Poetry Slam – this is the LAST month you can slam to qualify for said competition! So if you’re hoping to be our rep for this prestigious event, you’ll want to get out and hit our stage!

Hope to see y’all out!

  1. Freddie Krueger

    thank you SO much for useing that picture for your wedsite :) it means alot to me and i will be sure to atend the next slam :)

  2. I’m excited to see David Perez on July 21st!

  3. where is the October slam and who is featuring?

  4. KATALOG Issue 4: DIALOG
    Submission Deadline: November 11, 2011

    Language consists heavily of body, sound and text. We are looking for performance which uses the spoken voice and which pushes our understanding of language and communication. KATALOG is a performance based online publication that has the ability to include both video and sound. We are looking for submissions for an upcoming issue called DIALOG. In this issue of KATALOG we are seeking both traditional and loose ideas of the performance of spoken word.

    You can send your documentation / creations / writings / questions to submission@cccponline.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    To view past issues of KATALOG please visit

  5. Great Article. You do a good job. I appreciate it.

  6. I would strenuously urge people to catch Christian Drake. He is truly remarkable.

  7. If someone could shoot me an email, I would greatly appreciate it because I have a few questions about The Burlington Slam Project
    Thanks so much! :)

  8. Had an amazing time last night… was my and my friend’s first time out and we really enjoyed ourselves! So much talent in southwest Ontario!

    I especially enjoyed P.O.E. (winner) and Bawsome (not sure if I got his name right – 3rd place). In his 1st performance, a couple lines of Bawsome’s slam LITERALLY gave me chills and made the hair on my arms stand up!!! Visceral!

    • thanks for coming out Esther – glad to hear that you had a good time!
      please help us spread the word – we’ll do it again on the 3rd Thursday of November with a different feature artist and a new line-up of slammers vying for that top spot and $100 cash prize.

  9. Hi there,
    I was wondering.. Are your poetry slams available to audiences of all-ages?

    • Dan(AKA Dan Murray(AKA Dan))

      Yes, Katie, they are! We like to advice a bit of discretion – as there is no censorship on our stage, so poets can be found discussing topics of a sensitive or more mature nature, as well as using foul language, but we put no restrictions on age at our shows, or on our stage.

  10. If you want to perform a poem can you just show up and sign up the night of the event? Are there any requirements to be met?

    • Yup, just show up the night of the slam and when the host calls for sign up go put your name (or an alias) down on the list.

      There are no requirements. But if you want to compete in the slam there are some rules. If you find a little daunting then you might want to consider the open mic

  11. Hey! Around what time will Slam go until on Thursday evening (Aug 21)?

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