Pssst Guess What?


Who’d have thought that a little White suburban town like Burlington could have hosted such a killer slam! And a first one at that! On July 24th our debut slam went amazingly well… Which is great because I had visions (or fears) of the slam going over more like a fart in church.

Tomy and I decided to partner together to create The Burlington Slam project in an effort to cultivate some fucking culture in the West end! We really make a great team and compliment each other quite well.

We don’t just wanna promote the Burlington Slams, we want to promote the art of spoken word! That’s why we decided to set up a YouTube group, so that all of our performers will have their performances forever revered by spoken word lovers all over this beautiful globe of ours.

I run my own marketing consultancy firm, so having everything “looking good” is a thing with me. Branding geek I am. I want the flyers to look good, the website to look good, the event to look good… And for everything to reak of this new stench we’re trying to create over here.

So thanks for supporting the art of spoken word, thanks for supporting The Burlington Slam Project, and thanks for reading our site.

Love Ya!

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