Monthly Archives: January 2010

What’s Brewing in Burlington

Hello hungry readers. Some great and amazing things have been brewing in Burlington. This past month has meant a flurry of media attention to our slam. It all began with the Burlington Post A&E section doing a write-up about us. From there we were contacted by 2 different shows on TV Cogeco and a writer for the Sehirdan college weekly newspaper, the Sun. As clips and links from these other media sources become available we will most assuredly proudly post them here on the blog.

That being said, the slam last week was amazing. We had alot of veteran poets from across the GTA showup to slam. We also had some of our local slammers take up the open mic for a change. Last, but certainly not least, we got to enjoy some new faces on the stage and in the audience. It certainly seemed like everyone had a great time. Come out again next month on the 25th and I’m sure you will be amazed again!

In keeping with our goals to give the people of Burlington a chance to take the stage and improve their skills BSP is putting together a team to represent us on a stage, the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word this fall in Ottawa. Over the next few months poets will be competeing for the monthly slam as well as for a spot on the team.

Good luck to all poets and performers. Those in the audience are already lucky to hopefully be seeing their local poets improve in their writing & stage presence as they step up their game to make the team.

Till next month… check the upcoming slams and leave your comments!