April Wrap-Up

For the April fools who didn’t make it out this month let me bring you up to speed…

We had a great night with lots of energy.  First I’d like to thank Dave “Big Deal” Silverberg for guest hosting.  As always, he did a great job of keeping things moving and the energy up.  However, considering our feature, it would have been hard NOT to.

The Open Mic was a little bit different as our good friend and open mic anchor, Rick Harret, was not there.  But we had some fresh faces on stage.  Things got off to a great start with an ode to slam.  Angela took the stage as our sacrificial poet to share her thoughts and experience as a hyphened Canadian.

Matthew Dryden made good use of the stage and timing while Matt again wowed us with so many quotable lines I can’t seem to remember a single one.  Being my usual helpful self, I finished in last place with Tomy taking home 1st place & some cash, despite a time penalty.

C.R. Avery rocked the house.  Even without a mic his beatbox/harmonica skills were mind blowing.  And he had all of us singing and clapping along as he took us on a trip from town to town on the Greyhound.  Not only did you miss out on a great show, with awesome poetry, and a mind blowing feature, but you also missed a chance to pick up some tunes that C.R. Avery only sells at his live shows.

I’ll be posting the details on next months slam on the Upcoming Slams page the next day or so.  But mark May 20th on your calendar and “Save The Day” because this is the last chance qualifier for the BSP team going to CFSW in Ottawa this fall.

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  1. thank you, for your information

  2. Nice wrap-up! It’s nice to see these. 🙂

    One of Matt’s quotables: They say 1 is the loneliest number, but I disagree. I’d rather be a 1, because 0 always looks like it’s getting fucked.

    or something like that. Great poet!


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