CFSW and October Slam Aftermath

Hello to all poets, poetry lovers and poetically organized entities!

October has been a jam-packed month for the world of slam, not only did CFSW go down, but the Burlington Slam Project put on an impressively large night at a very comfortable venue!

Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

Just a quick note here about CFSW – It was a big week in Toronto as 20 teams from across the country came out to represent their respective slams. Competition was extremely fierce, with some very hard-hitting teams on the bill. Despite all this, your Burlington team placed FIFTH in the country, after being knocked out in the semis by the dastardly Edmonton and Urban Legends teams. Edmonton took home the win this year, with Up From the Roots (featuring faces we all know and love – Tomy Bewick, Dwayne Morgan, Shoolie and Lishai) taking a 2nd! Urban Legends finished 3rd, with Kingston Pen taking the 4th. Feel free to youtube some of the cfsw 2011 performances and see some of the poetry that left a crater in our Province’s capitol.

October Burlington Slam Project Aftermath

Due to a booking mix-up with the Black Bull, this month saw our slam at Philthy McNasty’s upstairs section. Couches, blue lights and our own bar! After a few solid open mic performances, including Michelle, Tim and Jay, we ventured into the slam proper boasting 10 poets! Round 1 was a fierce affair, with names ranging all over from our usual regulars like POE and Yogi to first timer Justin, BSP newcomer but TPS regular Eytan, and even our March feature – Alessandra Naccarato! The evening was coming alive with hard-hitting poems, and some of the Burlington team’s team pieces – and what better way to lead into the night’s feature than with nothing but the highest energy.

Unfortunately, Mike McGee was unable to make it out, but that still meant we had 2 -amazing- features to delight and entertain us – namely Lucia Misch and RC Weslowski. It’s really no wonder these two have taken a stage together – both hold the ability to be unendingly charming and side-splittingly funny, but can turn on a dime and deliver some pieces heavy enough that we grew concerned for the structural capacities of the venue. Archivist’s choice? Check out RC Weslowski’s “Trigger Bang Boom” and Lucia Misch’s “Animals being Assholes”. Both are on Youtube.

2nd round began with Tomy doing a 2nd sacrifice to keep the energy going after the break and led into another warzone of poetry with points attached. As we all know though, there can only be one winner. Eytan came in 3rd after dropping his “club song” piece, earning 1 point toward finals. Yogi took 2nd after bringing out a 3-person team piece from CFSW entitled “Down the River” and got himself 3 points toward finals. And the night’s winner, with a staggering total score of 59.1/60 was The POE after throwing down “Superheroes are dead”. POE has earned himself 5 points towards next year’s finals, and capped off with an encore performance of Counting Crows’ “Round Here” in the style of a spoken word piece.

Next upcoming BSP

November’s slam will be on the 17th. We’ll still be at Philthy McNasty’s upstairs lounge. We’re also working on getting the Burlington Slam Project PSI certified so we can send next year’s team to the US Nationals as well as CFSW, so we need PEOPLE! Come out! Bring tons of folks! The feature for the month will be Jovan Mays. You can see more info on the home page in the “upcoming slams” section, or check us out on facebook at

Until next time kids – Talk Hard!

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