Straight to the Streets 2011

Hello friends

We’re a week away from November’s Burlington Slam Project, and it promises to be an amazing time, but I’d like to take a moment to bring everybody’s attention to an amazing initiative coming up shortly afterwards.

Straight to the Streets is a movement with a very simple concept: Collect clothes, divide them up, and hand them out to the homeless, taking the time not just to donate clothing, but perhaps an ear to listen as well.

It will be taking place this year on Saturday, November 26th in Toronto. (Meet up is at Queen & Bathurst @ 11 AM)

There are a few ways to help, if you are interested in being a part of this.

First is to donate clothing. Any gently used warm clothing – Blankets, Sweaters, Coats, Toques, Mitts, Hats, etc…can be donated – but please make sure it is CLEAN. Ask any family and friends to contribute as well.

Second is to participate in the event itself – join up with a buddy and walk the streets, hand out clothes, and lend an ear to a person who may feel that the world has forgotten them.

The link to the facebook event is here:

If you would like to participate, either by donating clothing, handing clothing out, or helping to coordinate, please get in contact with Tomy Bewick. You can also feel free to bring clothing to the Slam on the 17th.

Homelessness isn’t going away, and we all know it. This is intended to give a layer of warmth (both physically and emotionally) to the people who are going to be facing a very cold winter head on; to give them some clothing and let them know that people are thinking about them.

So please, donate, come out, meet a friend, and hear a story or twelve. Be a part of something beautiful in the face of a very hostile season.

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