SPEAKout Spoken Word Competition

As we come to the close of 2011, I want to bring people’s attention to an awesome event coming in January; the SPEAKout Spoken Word Competition.

“SPEAKout seeks to Inspire its community with values that advocate for people’s betterment; ones that stress the Respect of self and of others. SPEAKout presents Entertainment, but with a purpose to engage its community and to challenge the status quo. SPEAKout seeks to find points of overlap between different communities, and advocates for communities to find common grounds for dialogue & peace. SPEAKout strives to find the points of overlap that we all share; to foster understanding and establish a common framework to build healthy and diverse communities together.”

With a top prize of $300, a lot of amazing poets are going to be clambering for the gold in this competition, and there’s still a little time to sign up. The application date has been pushed back a few times and now rests on December 28th. Anybody interested in competing should visit SPEAKout’s website (http://www.speakoutpoetry.com/) and apply. There is a $10 application fee, and I believe, if a poet so chooses, the BSP can provide the fee, provided that it be paid back from winnings, and a donation be made afterwards to the 2012 Burlington national team. Contact Tomy Bewick or Nea Reid for details.

Tickets for this event can be purchased through SPEAKout’s website, and are currently sitting at $12 for 1 and $20 for 2.  The event will be taking place on January 21st, 2012 at the art gallery of Hamilton.

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