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Recaps and Radio Silence

I’ve been a bad, bad archivist.

Yes I have.

With February’s slam coming very soon, I have still neglected to write any recaps for the slams in December or January.

I will be posting the December recap now, and January’s within a day or two. My sincere apologies to all readers for the delays.

December’s show was a big change of pace for our slam as most of our regular competitors were not competing. Some were not present, and some were part of the feature. More on that later!

What this -did- give us was an opportunity to see some new voices shine out, have an old friend come visit, and see our usual host jump in the arena, handing his hosting duties for the night over to the wonderful Nea Reid.

A 4 person slam meant 3 rounds, and each poet was ready, willing and able to bring some fire, despite the sudden change. Regular audience member Jay Raw Day had been honing his writing and waiting for his opportunity to strike the mic, and the time, it seems, had come for him to join the slamming. With a new voice and a fresh outlook, Jay gave all regular slammers another reason to worry about their chances on a month to month basis. Also a new face at BSP, Nillson (co-creator of the Mississauga Poetry Slam) hit our stage and delivered some cleverly disjointed pieces, often hilarious, and always intelligent within their unique structures. We were also graced with a visit from our old friend Matt “Lip Balm” Miller (OTHER co-creator of the Mississauga Poetry Slam), who has done nothing but sharpen his tongue over his experiences last year (including CFSW as part of the TPS team). Finally, our beloved host and supreme leader Tomy Bewick stepped up to the mic in a rare non-hosting way, reminding all audience members they should be sad he doesn’t slam here more often – and all slammers that they should be relieved.

Our feature for this month was our very own 2011 Burlington Slam Team. The very team that, despite constantly falling down hills made of broken washing machines, managed to secure 5th place at CFSW, part of which included holding the single highest scored piece of the festival.

Unfortunately, two members of the team were unable to attend, and it came down to Yogi, The P.O.E., and Dan(AKA Dan Murray(AKA Dan)) (That’s right…I not only refer to myself in the 3rd person, but I use the entire slam name) to provide a performance that showcased the highlights of their work over the summer. It was a mixing of solo pieces from each member, as well as 4 of the 8 team pieces that helped them get to Semifinals – ranging all over, from a 3-piece about betrayal, and the different forms it can take (Down the River), to P.O.E. & Yogi’s nearly schizophrenic view of the monsters we hold within ourselves (Table for Two). Also, one of the more controversial poems of the festival, the trio performed a raw and discomforting piece sending warnings to men who abuse women. (My Sister’s Garden), and Yogi and P.O.E. performed their showstopping “hype man” analogy about smoking addiction. (My Smoking Monkey). All in all, the performances were very well received, and I, along with the rest of the team, would like to thank everyone who allowed us to perform, and everyone who listened and delivered such kind words.

The winner of the night’s slam, earning 5 points towards the BSP finals was our own Tomy Bewick, though all poets brought some serious fire to the stage, and helped make the last slam of 2011 a great success.