Community Statement

In light of recent actions and conversations in the National Spoken Word community, The Burlington Slam Project is developing a policy that includes a clear and transparent grievance process. We think that it is imperative for a responsible community to have a mechanism in place to process conflict, complaints and/or instances of harm that are brought to our attention, in a fair and transparent manner that respects all involved.

As the Burlington Slam Project strives to develop and provide this resource for our community, we would also like to recognize our limitations as volunteers; in regards to capacity, training and financial resources. We provide a monthly volunteer run event, open to all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle. It is our intent to create a space that is inclusive and welcoming to all;  however we acknowledge that individuals have their own perspectives and  experiences that may make this difficult to achieve for all persons at all times. We will always do our best.

The Burlington Slam Project organizers are currently researching and reaching out to other local organizations to learn about their policies, best practices and processes. We are committed to draft a policy of our own that can be used as a tool for fair and just treatment of all parties in a reasonable and transparent manner. While in development; we understand that it is in our community’s best interest to continually improve the support we provide and actively work towards a peaceful environment for all attendees.

If you have examples that you would like to be considered in our policy preparation process please email them to

Thank you for your understanding and support through this new development.

Tomy Bewick

On behalf of The Burlington Slam Project

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