Countdown to Finals: 5 Days Remain

Hey y’all! Dan Murray here with something kinda different this time around. We’ve got 10 competitors for this year’s finals (Happening Thursday, March 16th) – and I have conducted some interviews with each of them to learn a little bit about how they’re feeling leading up to the big event! So from now until Thursday, I’ll be posting two interviews a day, and you can learn a little bit about the poets on our stage.

Interview #1: Mel

D: Of all the competitors on the list, you are the newest to the slam game, and yet you have a commanding lead in the seasonal points. Did you have any idea you’d be dominating the Burlington Slam so immediately? How does it feel?

M: I had no idea that I would have such a positive response to my poetry! Part of the reason why I didn’t slam but still attended is because I was so damn nervous. But my poetry revolves around a lot of heavy and emotional things I’ve dealt with in my life and it has become very therapeutic. I think that feeling is more important to me because I’ve been presented with a lot of meaningful conversations. The BSP community is amazing and it feels really shocking to me to be in lead. I had no idea this would be the outcome.

D: Because of your seasonal score, you’ll be going into finals with no handicap whatsoever. Do you feel positive about your chances of making the team?

M: I think so! I am slamming against some amazing poets, so I can only hope for the best.

D: Is there anybody competing in finals who you’d really like to work with in a team setting?

M: Yes! I have watched Sebastian slam over the last year or so and I think he is brilliant. I feel like we have different styles and techniques and it would be interesting to see the influence we have on each other.

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

M: Hahaha. Just do it! Do the open mic! It is so scary but it’s so rewarding. It is such a good opportunity to learn about yourself as a writer and a performer. The BPS is the perfect place to do it. Everyone is so supportive. If you’re not interested in performing, just come to BPS to listen and talk to the performers. It makes a world of a difference and can really get your creativity flowing.


Interview #2: Reema

D: This is your first finals with us! How are you feeling? How has your experience been at BSP this season?

R: My experience with BSP has been pretty surprising! I didn’t realize I would make the WOWPS playoffs or the Finals – I come from a really big scene so it is always surprising to place in anything. I am REALLY excited to compete, though!

D: Is there anybody in the competition you would particularly like to work with?

R: I WOULD BE SUPER EXCITED TO WORK WITH SEBASTIAN! He is such a gem and it would be super fun to talk about Race/Culture. He and Korey with a K are hilarious.

D: Were you to make the team, what would you hope to get out of the experience? What do you think would be the greatest asset you could contribute?

R: Honestly, if I were to make the team, I think the opportunity to work with other poets and have my work go through multiple artists would mean that it would grow. I think my openness to feedback and sense of humour would be assets to the team (incidentally, that sounds a lot like a cover letter, eh?).

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

R: You don’t need to share everything you write, but write as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even very good by your own standards, but get it down, and then edit. Also, hold yourself accountable for your work – your work is an extension of you.


That’s all for today! I’ll be posting a couple interviews every day up to and including Thursday! Right up till the big event! So keep checking back!

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