Countdown to Finals: 3 Days Remain

Here we go with the next round of interviews!

Interview #5: Gallinger the Challenger

D: How are you feeling about competing in finals? How about the rest of the season?

G: I’m excited and humble to be competing in the finals, I know i not the strongest poet hitting the stage but I’m constantly working on my craft and aiming to elevate my performance!

D: Of all the competitos, who would you be most excited to work with?

G: Tomy Bewick, Sebastian, Korey with a K

D: You tend to lean towards a hip-hop style – who are the biggest influences on your writing?

G: Biggest influences: Nas, Damian Marley,Eminem, Dre,Biggie,Tupac,Guru Big L, Jurassic 5, Roots,Fugees, Kos, Prince EA, Tomy Bewick, Dan Murray, Brandon Williamson. All these artists work wizardry with their words. Not only are rapping or making poetry but they’re weaving together positive messages and messages of overcoming struggle through out there works which is truly inspiring for me!

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

G: Once you start writing chances are you wont stop because it becomes a part of you. It becomes very therapeutic you can put all your thoughts and ideas on blank canvas. No one can judge them; no one will poke fun at them. It’s a safe space for you to put your most personal experiences your secrets, your desires, your goals and in doing so this may create focus and balance in your life. You will find it becomes magical release to alleviate the pressures and stress of every day life. So just pick up the pen and write it, don’t fight it! Lastly whatever you write will be here forever. It’s your legacy and when you’re long gone and someone else stumbles upon your work. They will get a snap shot in time and can experience what you experienced. Sympathize with your situations or it my even inspire them to make change and create change or even change their situation. This life is your story, your legacy so share it with the world! You only get one life. So don’t be shy write it out for everyone to see eventually.


Interview #6: Mind the Gap

D: Mind the Gap! We’ve seen you around the Burlington Slam for some years now. How has your experience been overall? What keeps you returning to the stage?

M: People are mostly nice to me more so than other venues and I get like normal scores, usually not under 7…

D: Is there anybody in the competition you would particularly like to work with?

M: I prefer to Volaré from everyone as nature dictates.

D: Your writing and performance style defy what typically “does well” in slams. What makes you stick to your guns in the face of that?

M: I think everyone should use knowledge and the truth to help others even if it disturbs them at moments.

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

M: I would say just don’t stop, even if nothing is inspiring or necessary, or if you are just feeling blocked: try journaling in stream of consciousness.

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