Countdown to Finals: 4 Days Remain

Here we go with another round of interviews! This time it’s Carson, and Korey with a K!

Interview #3: Carson

D: You’re one of a significant number of poets who are doing finals for the first time, how do you feel about your chances of making the team?

C: Making the team? Not very good, but this is only my first year, and I come for practice. Maybe next year!!

D: What most would you like to get out of a team experience? What have you gotten from the seasonal slam experience thus far?

C: I enjoy the atmosphere.  I’m hoping to meet some good people and make some solid friends.

D: Is there anybody in this competition you would particularly like to work with?

C: I don’t know anyone well enough yet. I’d like to work with someone who has a similar view of the world as I do.

D: Anybody who’s work particularly inspires you then?

C: Honestly the guest poets we have are some of the most captivating speakers I’ve seen. I like everyone’s work though, I’d rather find someone who enjoys my work because I’m not particularly bias, so I enjoy everyone’s poetry

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

C: Read a dictionary! Lol


Interview #4: Korey with a K

D: In a competition that is often packed with descriptions of traumas and hugely serious, heavy content – while you don’t necessary shy away from that content if you don’t want to – you tend to give your work a comedic edge. Why is that? What do you think its effect is?

K: I don’t use my work to process my own struggles.  I view poetry as contemplative, thought provoking and whimsical. I find that most of my honest work is naturally comedic, as I am. I cherish the ability to process with others in a way that is honest and full of joy… and sarcasm. Also I hear a lot of serious stuff so I figure why not balance the scales, bring something fresh?

D: This could be your third national team, having worked with Tomy Bewick and Sebastian before, is there anybody in the competition you’d like the chance to work with?

K: There’s one who’s brand new, came around the same time as Mel, she is tiny and hopeful. I can’t remember her name.

D: I believe her name is Bax, though she’s not in the finals competition.

K: Oh damn. Then no one. Hahaha. You know I don’t know…Twoey Gray. She’s got some serious bars and isn’t shy on the mic. I am intimidated by her presence at any slam, I’d really like to learn from her.

D: She’s also not in finals

K: Oh! Mind the Gap 100%. She plays by her own rules, doesn’t know the meaning of writing boundaries and sometimes I don’t think she cares if the audience is there or not. I think we would work well together

D: If you made the team, what would you like your focus to be this year?

K: The Brady Bunch. Did they know they’d have enough people in their family to fill a 3 x 3 grid, or is there a dirty secret they’re hiding under those perfect smiles?

D: Perhaps that’s why they hired a maid

K: The plot thickens. Hmm.. last year was team pieces, the year before was just getting my feet wet. This year I want to seriously focus on comedy writing, and bringing that to the team dynamic. I’m starting to mature as a writer, and I’m not afraid of sarcasm any more. I play the game to change the game

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

K: Keep a pen on you at all times.

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