Countdown to Finals: Zero Hour

Today is the day of our 8th annual season finals! Who will be this year’s team I wonder? And to cap it all off, we’ve got our last two interviews!

Interview #9: Sebastian

D: You’re one of the more prolific writers in the scene…almost always seen with new work, and fully memorized work at that – how do you manage to keep that up?

S: In the past its because i work very odd hours, i’d say. when the chief concern is staying awake at late hours, one of the easiest strategies i’ve found is talking to myself when my store is empty. when i started coming out to slams, it became a very useful opportunity to get good practice time in. in terms of always having something new i attribute that to having a smart device. its hard always having a notebook on person, but having my google drive in my pocket means i can always work on something whenever i have any amount of free time

D: You’re looking at possibly your third national team – how do you like your chances? Is there anybody in the competitors list you’d like to work with?

S: i’ve learned to never consider myself in until im in actually lol. last year i felt exceptionally confident about myself in my writing and i wouldnt have made it then had ifrah not declined to be a team mate. so i guess i just try to think about it like anything can happen in slam and its not like i have a good track record of winning slams in the first place lol. in terms of people id like to work with, i always look forward to working with past team mates because working with them is always fun, but working with new people would be exciting, too. in like a really scary ‘i wonder what might happen’ way

D: Do you have anything up your sleeve for finals?

S: the only trick i have is to always come with exactly what i want to do. if i have learned anything in my short amount of time playing this game theres no strategy better than putting up the work you are most excited to share

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

S: the advice of “always be writing” only sounds tired because it is true. everyone gives it only because everyone understands its importance. no art can be made without the constant work that needs to be done to make it.


Interview #10: Tomy Bewick

D: The Fearless Leader of the Burlington Slam, and the most decorated slam poet in the listings. How many teams have you been on now? What keeps you joining them?

T: How many teams? Yikes – I’ve tried to keep track in my bio; over 15 team comps at least; some years on 2 different teams for different festivals…. I keep joining because creating with others is the coolest process with most reward. Creating something collaborative can be challenging, unpredictable and at times tense; but the potential for new group work; to contribute and counsel other artists in their writing and performance; the thrill still gets me when you get it just right

D: What’s been the most exciting thing about this past slam season for you?

T: This past season has seen the rise of several new voices, including many women hitting our mic for their first time. It’s worth mentioning  due to slam being a predominantly male dominated playing field for so long, and in burlington specifically, where local voices are sometimes far and few between; it is a nice change and an important evolution to see and hear more women’s voices, stories and perspectives in our slam’s circle.

D: Is there anybody on the competitors list you’d really like to work with?

T: the reality is that i’d like to work with anyone who wants it. the people most inspired and hungry to create new works are who I’m most keen to be on a team with. there’s almost no telling who that will be until we get there; but i’ve had positive experiences with Korey and Sebastian and would be willing to grow on those bonds, but also; the new voices that have come out swinging for the fences; that’s an exciting prospect as well!

D: Do you have any advice for new writers?

T: the scariest moment is always right before you start. trust yourself; don’t hold back. remember that editing comes after the writing is poured out of you, and that the only way to grow into the writer you want to be is to keep on writing, even when you think you’ve got nothing. come check out a hywire workshop and find out how.


That’s it for our interviews! I hope you’ve enjoyed them! Come on out tonight, Thursday March 16th, and see which 4 of these 10 poets will become The Burlington Slam Project’s 8th National Team.

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