About Us

We believe that Burlington can cultivate more than just green lawns. We want to inspire a community of creativity, open minds, and open hearts through spoken word.

We offer an open mic for ANYONE willing to share. It doesn’t matter if you’re a classical poet, rapper, comedian, or an a cappella singer. Let your voice be heard.

We also believe that competition encourages creativity and constant self improvement. To that end we have the slam portion. Where poets have 3 minutes to perform their most moving words to an audience for points.

Keeping in mind that points are not the point, but poetry is the point! So we also have a feature poet to wow and amaze all of us with their creativity and performance.

Here is the basic format we follow on any given month:

  • Sign-Up (Open Mic/Slam)
  • Open Mic
  • Sacrificial Poet
  • Slam – Round 1
  • Feature Poet/Performer
  • Intermission
  • Slam Round 2
  1. Larry Garden

    I am very interested in listening to and possibly participating in your monthly slam at The Black Bull. I have no idea if my writing would be on par with some of the talent that normally attends these sessions but I would love to find out.

    I would definitely love to share my words with those who would hopefully appreciate them.

    Please provide whatever additional information you can.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Larry,

      Sorry if this is behind the times… I usually manage the Facebook group, but haven’t checked this page for comments recently. Please click on the “upcoming slams” link to check out our upcoming dates.

      Hope to see you out,

  2. hey! i’m an electronic music dj looking to get some time to play some sets at events and/or parties. currently, i’m willing to do it for free just to get my name out there and get exposure. if you’d like some thump thump for your slam sessions, gimme a shout!

    • Hi Edi x,

      Sorry for the delayed response; we could discuss this, if you’re still interested maybe you could come check out one of our shows and see the format for the evening…

      We could use some music at the start of the event, during intermission and to close us out, but it would be best if you came out first to see if you think it feels right.


  3. Hey guys!
    Megan lane from team Saskatoon here! Just featured in Saskatoon, Montreal and am now touring my way to Vancouver for a feature. I’m looking for a feature in your area on March 24th/25th/26th/27th range. Wondering if you have anything open around then?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Hey Megan,

      Tomy here – unfortunately we’re the 17th of March and we’re booked, but if you’re in the area come on through.
      If you want some other leads just hit me up and we’ll connect back-channel.

  4. hey guys,

    I recently moved in hamilton and I’m trying to gauge the spoken word and poetry scene in both hamilton and burlington.You wouldn’t happening to know any events or small coffee houses or bars that hold events ..either monthly or weekly…it would be nice to get my feet wet if possible or just enjoy what others have to offer.I have called up the libraries(they tried) in hamilton and they weren’t help all they able to do was send me to a blogpost.I figure you guys would be better able to gauge the scene as it is yours.Thanks hey.

    • Hi Walter,

      The Burlington Slam Project is the main spoken word event in the area that I know of. Once in a while there are LGTB slams held in Hamilton. But I’m not sure who hosts them. There are just posters around downtown.

      As for poetry there are few groups out there. I know there is a poetry club @ McMaster. Your best bet is to check out Oakville Literary Alliance @ http://www.oakvillepoetry.org

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