Tomy Bewick

Tomy Bewick

Tomy Bewick is the founder, host and artistic director of the Burlington Slam Project (BSP). He is a poet familiar with national and international finals stages, as well as a fulltime professional with a specialty in environmentally sustainable construction (LEED AP, BD+C). Tomy has published two collections of poems, released three full length spoken word CD’s and featured across Canada, with multiple appearances in the US. He looks forward to working with new poetic voices in his community, as well as continuing to provide a platform for local and international artists to share their words, at the BSP. For booking enquiries please email


Past Teams/Event-Location/Year:


  1. Slam Fam/Rustbelt Regional-Milwaukie/2006
  2. Up From The Roots (Alternate)/CFSW-Toronto/2006
  3. Slam Fam/Rustbelt Regional-Columbus/2007
  4. Up From The Roots/CFSW-Halifax/2007 (2nd)
  5. Up From The Roots/CFSW-Calgary/2008 (2nd)
  6. Wild Card Team/Rustbelt Regional-Toronto/2009 (4th)
  7. Toronto Poetry Slam (Alternate)/no events/2009
  8. Burlington Slam Project/QEW Regional Slam-Buffalo/2009 (1st)
  9. Slam Fam/Rustbelt Regional-East Lansing/2010
  10. Burlington Slam Project/CFSW-Ottawa/2010 (4th)
  11. Burlington Slam Project/ QEW Regional Slam-Buffalo/2010 (1st)
  12. Slam Fam/Rustbelt Regional-Columbus/2011
  13. Up From The Roots/CFSW-Toronto/2011 (2nd)
  14. Up From The Roots/QEW Regional Slam-Toronto/2011(1st)
  15. Burlington Slam Project/SLAMtario – Toronto/2012 (1st)
  16. Burlington Slam Project/NPS-Charlotte,NC/2012 (6th at group piece finals)
  17. Burlington Slam Project/CFSW-Saskatoon/2012
  18. Burlington Slam Project/QEW Regional Slam-Buffalo 2013 (1st)
  19. Burlington Slam Project/SLAMtario – Toronto/2013
  20. Burlington Slam Project/CFSW-Montreal/2013 (semi-finalists)
  21. Burlington Slam Project/QEW Regional Slam-Burlington/2014 (Host City)
  22. Burlington Slam Project/SLAMtario – Toronto/2014 (4th)
  23. Burlington Slam Project/CFSW-Victoria/2014
  24. Burlington Slam Project/SLAMtario – Peterborough/2015 (4th)
  25. Burlington Slam Project/NPS-Oakland, CA/2015
  26. Burlington Slam Project/QEW Regional Slam-Niagara Falls, CAN/2016


Fringe Shows/ Production Company/ City-Year


“I Hate Poetry”/ Dream Chasers/ Hamilton-2009

“Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Women: For Dummies”/ Dream Chasers/ Hamilton-Toronto-2010


Finished Products:


“A Telling Moment” – chapbook (2006)

“Talking it out of the System” – acapella CD (2007)

“My Mouth Hurts Too Much To Fight You” – book (2008)

“Tomy Bewick presents The Diseased Disciple” – music and spoken word CD (2010)


Annual Events:


O.M.R.E. presents (April 2005-2012) multimedia showcase of art, spoken word, music and fashion.

Straight to the Streets (November 2005-2015) annual clothing and survival kit drive for the less fortunate. This initiative sources and distributes clothing and hygiene items to many people in need. Financial and clothing donations are accepted year long for sorting, assembly and distribution before winter weather hits the vulnerable sector of our society. Straight to the Streets has run in Toronto since 2006 and in 2015 expanded to Halton and Hamilton.


Monthly Events:

“The Burlington Slam Project” – 3rd Thursday every month; open mic, poetry slam and featured artist. $5. Doors 7:30, Sign-up 8 pm. Backroom at The Black Bull, 1124 Guelph Line, Burlington, Ontario. Established July 2008.

“HYWire: Halton Youth Writers Workshops” – 4th Thursday every month; writing prompts, tips, feedback and critique. Bring your own or come and create. Ages 12 and up. Free. 7-8:45 pm. Programming Room at The Burlington Public Library, Tansley Woods Branchl, 1996 Itabashi Way, Burlington, Ontario. Established September 2014.

visit for more info.

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