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October – 3 for 1 feature and CFSW

This is CrAzY with massive amounts of awesome spoken word:

Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

Once again Burlington is sending a team to the national stage.  And with the festival just a quick jaunt down the QEW in Toronto you can easily catch every minute of the action!  The action kicks off Tuesday Oct. 11th @ the Drake Hotel Underground and culminates with the finals at Metro United Church on Saturday Oct 15th.  You for details on event of festival passes check out the festival website (  The latest info will likely be on the Spoken Word Canada Facebook group page.

Thursday October 20th – 3 Features For 1 Price – ONLY $5 !!!

3 amazing features for the price of 1 at a special location: Upstairs at Philthy McNasty’s (250 Brant Street, Burlington) @ 7:30.

McGee, Misch and Weslowski are a mélange of might mouthed performance poets who have won and done some things that would make their grandmothers proud in the world of poetry. Mike McGee is the 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion and the 2003 National Poetry Slam Indie Champ. Lucia Misch has been the 2007 and 2008 South Bay Area Youth Speaks Champion. RC Weslowski was a Canadian Festival of Spoken Word Team Champion in 2006 along with being named the festival’s poet of honour in 2008.

The three of them are banding together to show the world how much fun three talking muffins can have while traveling together. They want to be your friends and give your faces a good ear job.

But we can’t tell everyone ourselves.  So in the meantime…

Spread The WORD!

Happy Birthday to BSP!!!

Just like we said in the last post, on Thursday July 21st the Burlington Slam Project turns 3 yrs old.

The first reveal was that this slam is going to be our first “Anything Goes” themed slam.  That means you can use props, costumes, musical instruments, and do covers!  The only rules still in effect are scoring and the time limit of 3 min and 10 sec.  Because as much as we all LOVE poetry the bar does close eventually!

You may recall a few months back that Jogindra ‘Yogi’ Siewrattan won our logo contest.  Well Yogi has been busy working on a whole new branding for BSP (logo, blog header, & flyer design).  At the same time, yours truly has been working on a new blog layout to match this new vision.  All the behind the scenes work is done.


Creative Concepts

So we are proud to announce that the new blog layout and header have officially been launched!  So take a tour of the blog and leave a comment on this post (under the News section) to let us know what you think!

Until next time…
                               …keep spreading the word!

BSP’s Tri-versary

That’s right!  This next slam (Thursday July 21st) BSP turns 3 and we want you to come celebrate with us!

As usual we are having an open mic, slam, and feature performer.  This month our Feature is David Perez.  David has toured and slammed all over the world and has realeased his first poetry book “Love in a Time of Robot Apocalypse” (which hopefully will be for sale at the slam).  Read more about him on the Upcoming Slams page.

For an extra dose of fun this month will be our first ever “Anything Goes Slam”.  That means slammers can use props, costumes, musical instruments, and do covers!  The only rule still in effect is the time limit (3 min 10 sec) because as much as we all LOVE poetry the bar does close eventually!

Don’t think the fun stops there!  We will also be making a few more special announcements the night of the slam.  So you have to come out to find out!

As always, the night kicks off at 8pm and cover is only $5 (Only $5?????)

Until next time…
                               …Spread the word!

The Official Burlington Slam Project Team

Yes, yes, y’all!  This past Thursday the finals went down and it was one dope night!

We had a jam packed house (in fact we had to get extra chairs 3 times!), we found out who won the new logo contest (congrats to Jogindra Siewrattan for winning the contest and the $80 prize), and thanks to Dave ‘Big Deal’ Silverberg for hosting a night of down-right fantabulous poetry!

We had 8 competitors (Tomy ‘Bam-Bam’ Bewick, Jogindra Siewrattan, The P.O.E., Dan ‘AKA Dan Murray’, Henrick ‘Shoolie’ Sales, Ryan ‘Duffman’ Duffy, Kay’la Fraser, and Oskar Niburski).  Both Tomy Bewick & Shoolie stepped down because they are both going to be on the Roots Lounge team.

We HAVE received confirmations from all team members. So your official Burlington Slam Project Team 2011-2012 is: Kay’la Fraser, Jogindra Siewrattan, The P.O.E., Oskar Niburski, and Dan Murray as the alternate.

Next slam is Thursday June 16th featuring Steve Miller from Vancouver.  Until then…

…Spread The Word!


Come on out to the Black Bull Tavern on Thursday May 19th.

For the 2nd year in a row you will help us select the Burlington Slam Project team to represent us on the regional & national stage.  Although last year’s team was Burlington’s first, they placed 4th in a field of 18 and made to the finals stage.  So this year’s team has big shoes to fill.

Curious to know who qualified?  Yogi, P.O.E., Shoolie, Kay’la Fraser, Curtis Meyer, Tasha Fortunate, Tomy Bewick, Truth Is…, Brandon Williamson, Dan Murray, Erika Haygood, Duffman, Kevin Sutton, Lip Balm, Oskar Niburski.

As usual, there will be a $5 cover charge and festivities will kick off @ 8pm with sign-up for the open mic.  Seeing as this is the finals it is a closed slam.  Our guest hosted will be, Toronto Poetry Slam’s, Dave “BIG DEAL” Silverberg.  In BSP tradition, we will forgo a feature so we can cram in more awesome local poets with a 3 round slam!  As usual, the money that would normally go toward the feature will help the team cover the cost of attending the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

Also, this month we will be revealing the winner of our Logo contest.  The winner’s submission will be the new BSP logo and will get $75 CASH!!

BSP featuring at TPS

This Saturday (February 26th) the Burlington Slam Project Team (Tomy Bewick, Truth Is…, Yogi and Made Wade) will be featuring the Toronto Poetry Slam at the Drake Hotels Underground.

They made the Finals at the recent Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, and on the 26th you’ll find out why! They don’t feature often, so this is a show you don’t want to miss!

The doors open at 7.  I hope to see you there!

Updates & Contests

Hey there slammers, poets, fans, and supporters,

Thank you for sticking with the BSP through the past 2.5 years and helping us to grow a solid foundation for local prformers and travelling feature artists.

There are a few big things coming down the tube this year for slam in Ontario:

CFSW 2011:

Of note is the Canadian Festival Of Spoken Word, which will take place this year in Toronto! that’s right – you’ll be able to see our BSP team at the national festival without booking a plane ticket. We’re still competing to see who that team will be and hope to see out January 20th for our first show of the year with our very special guest: the godfather of Toronto Spoken Word – Mr. Dwayne Morgan.


In light of the fact that Mr. Morgan is not only an incredible spoken word artist, but also an increasingly popular and accomplished photographer – we are going to have a PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST.

Here’s the deal – ONE PICTURE will be selected for use in the upcoming promotions for 201 – We’d like that picture to represent the Burlington Slam Project and we’re willing to pay for it.

The RULES: come out to the january show and snap photos. Submit your best photo before February’s slam (via email) and we will announce the winner at February’s show and award the CASH PRIZE ($50) for your winning shot in person.

You don’t need to be a pro. Just point & click and send your best angle of what you think captures the vibe and energy of the Burlington Slam Project. 1 photo per person please. Any questions? Let me know, but we’ll go over the rules on January 20th.


We like out BSP logo but we think that it would be great to see it freshened up as we approach our 3rd anniversary. This contest will run from now until April 2011 and a final winner will be selected through a panel of judges and announced at our Finals in May. The PRIZE for this will be $75 and the new logo will be used on our blog ( and flyers going forward. If you are interested or know someone who is; please let me know. If you have any questions, check the new “Discussion” threads on the Facebook group page to keep updated on all rules and questions


Starting this month and the remaining months of competition before finals (May 2011) we are starting a new promotion. If you bring in 2 NEW friends who have not attended the Burlington Slam Project before and you will get in for FREE. Please note that this only counts for 2 new guests per person and are subject to verification by the host.


We are busy lining up our features for the remainder of the year and would love to hear back any feedback on past features or potential Canadian Spoken Word artists that you would like to see come through BSP. Check the Discussion Board on Facebook and let us know your faves.

That being said, any & all feedback is encouraged. We do this for you: the audience, the artists, the supporters & fans. So let us know what you want to see/hear and we will do our damnedest to give you the best open mic & poetry slam we can.

Happy New year’s folks,
Hope to see you out soon!

Nuff love,

News, News, News !!!

We have lots of great thing brewing for fans of performance poetry in the Burlington area.  So let’s get down to it:

1. Straight To The Streets 2010 – It was the 5 year anniversary of this event this past weekend and it keeps getting bigger & better each year.  The goal is give warmth to anyone willing to accept it.  You can read an article about it by KJ Mullins on and catch the man-on-the-street video of George Stroumbooulopoulos (CBC’s The Hour) encourgaing us or find the Open Minds Respect Events group on Facebook.

2. Blog Layout – In case you haven’t noticed, there have been some changes to the layout of the blog lately.  I’ve updated the Upcoming Slams page for the next 3 months,  the WTF is a Poetry Slam page now explains a slam as well as the rules.  I’ve created a new page called Making The Team that leads to a page of this years team or a listing of the cumulative monthly standings for the current season.  I’ve also expanded the About Us page with a link to Tomy’s Bio.  very soon I’ll be adding my own bio.

3. Scores & Standings – In an effort to meet new SpoCan regulations and to be as transparent as possible with our scoring we have posted the scores from November and each month moving forward.  It will be on the facebook group page, part of my Monthly Wrap-up, and from the Making The Team page.

… spread the WORD!


You heard me FINALS !!! The Burlington Slam Project team of 2010 made it to the finals.  Of the 18 teams across the nation, we took the final stage against Capital Slam (Ottawa), Urban Legends (Ottawa), and Throw Collective (Montreal).  In the end, the Capital Slam team took home top honours for the 2nd year in a row.  From what I’ve heard so far it what well deserved.

No results from the festival have been posted on the website.  However, you can always check out the CFSW 2010 Facebook group and results for many of the bouts have been posted there.  Until the ‘official’ full results are posted for each and every score of every bout you’ll have to troll the group and people who’ve joined it for the lastest, news, pictures, & videos.

As far as videos go, it’s seems more are being uploaded to YouTube every day.  I know that ALL the poems perfromed by Cap Slam in the finals have been posted.  I’ll be sure to post links to BSP poems as I come across them.

If you have a moment, take them time on Facebook to befriend a BSP team poet (if you haven’t already) and congratulate them for a job well done!

Burlington @ CFSW 2010

Hey there poetry fans!

I know it’s been a while since we’ve sent out an update.  But that doesn’t mean things haven’t been happening.  The Burlington Slam Project 2010 team has been out there hussling.  They’ve done shows at Guelph, Burlington, and then a last minute send-off before going after the holy grail of Canadian slam poetry: Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

I thought I would bring you up-to-speed on what I know so far:

The team was in the 2nd bout of the festival against teams from Edmonton, Toronto’s Up From The Roots, and the Wild Card team.  Judging from the final scores, it was a fairly tight round with just 3.9 points seperating 1st place from 4th.  Here’s how we did:

  1. Edmonton (114.7)
  2. Wild Card (112.7)
  3. Burlington (111.1)
  4. Up From The Roots (110.8)

Even though we placed 3rd in the bout we were 11th in overall standings after Wednesday.  A VERY solid performance for BSP’s first showing at CFSW.  Each team member having previous CFSW experience, I’m they are thirsty for a win rather than just ‘placing well’.

That being said, Burlington’s final bout of the prelims (#6) was against some strong competition: Winipeg, Halifax, and Capital Slam.  I don’t know the actual scores and/or placements (yet).  But they must have done well to finish in 5th place overall!  So we moved up in the rankings AND made it to the semi-finals (top 8).

The semi-finals start @ 7 pm tonight at the Ottawa Technical HS Auditorium (440 Albert St).  Get there if you can.  But if you’re like me then send out a prayer, positive vibes, cross your fingers, or whatever!

U Down With BSP? Yeah U Know Me!