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Tonite Iz Tha Nite

Do you have what it takes to throw it down in front of a crowd? Do you want to try getting in front of people to share but don’t want to get booed off stage? Do you just want some awesome spoken word & poetry without having to go to Toronto?

Regardless of who you are… the Burlington Slam @ the Queen’s Head Pub is where you should BE!

Tonight @ 7:45 we’ll be meeting in the games room of the Queen’s Head (just north of Lakeshore on Brant St in Burlington). Each month we start off with the Open Mic. People from all walks of life and talent are given the stage. For 5 minutes we give them our attention and then our appreciation because let’s face it… just getting up on stage is frightening enough.

For those with a thicker skin & desire for competition we have the SLAM !! Each poet gets 3 minutes & 10 seconds to WOW the audience judges. Five judges score each poem Olympic style. The top & bottom scores are dropped to give each poem/poet a score out of 30. The poet with the most points wins! Be careful though! You can lose points for going over time, performing someone else’s poetry, or using props or costumes.

Between the 1st & 2nd round of the slam we have a feature poet. This month we have “The Split“. I’ve been told she has this almost magical ability to pull you into her stories and poems like you yourself are there. Don’t miss this!

We kindly ask for a $5 donation. ALL money pays for our feature poet and a cash prize for the winner of the slam.

Good luck and C U there !

Don’t Forget to Come Out Tonight

We are in a brand new venue! Just around the corner from the Dickens. We are excited and think that you are gonna totally dig this new venue. It’s classy with a capital “K”. Tonight we will be featuring the UFTR Slam Team. The Team consists of Dwayne Morgan, Tomy Bewick, Leviathan, Lady Loxx and Eddy da Original One.

Any of these artists could easily fit the bill themselves, but together they are KILLER. They are travelling to Calgary this November as a Team to represent Toronto in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and tonight will demonstrate the reason they are some of the best artists in the country…

This is also the “unofficial” local book launch for Tomy’s new book: “My Mouth Hurts Too Much To Fight You” which will be offered to you at an excellent rate.

There will be prizes and of course surprises

As always there is an open mic and a kickass Slam to sign-up for

we will politely request a $5 donation at the door

See You There!