2011 Burlington Slam Project Team


Photo by Michelle Darby-Wyatt

Jogindra ‘Yogi’ Siewrattan (Captain)
Yogi is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has lived in South Florida & is now in Mississauga, Ontario with his wife & son. He is compulsive truth-teller and a graphic artist. As a truth-teller, he has performed at Eden Mills Writer’s Festival, NPS, CFSW & CBC Poetry Face-Off. As an artist he has worked with Quattro Books, Toronto Poetry Slam, Burlington Slam Project & The Roots Lounge.

Kay’la “Kiki” Fraser
Kay’la “Kiki” Fraser is a spoken word artist, writer, performer and arts educator, currently residing in Guelph. She began her spoken word career in August 2008. Since then she has established herself in the slam scene and as a contributing member of the creative community (teaching workshops for UNITY Charity, St. Leonards’s Society and Guelph Youth Theatre, DramaWay and Factory Theatre). Kay’la has been a member of Slam teams for Toronto and Burlington. Competing nationally and internationally she has shared the stage with artists including: Shauntay Grant, Tasha Jones, Dwayne Morgan, Brendan McLeod and C.R. Avery.

Oskar Niburski
Oskar Niburski is a 19-year-old somebody going somewhere with his words, trying to find if sentences really end after their periods. He hails from Hamilton and studies Chemistry at McMaster University. He likes to speak in tongues, religious or not. He may be young but his poetic eclecticism elucidates his erudition in the enigmatic jargon of lyrical experimentation and literature’s esotericism. Translation: Oskar’s wild

James ‘P.O.E.’ Brown
The P.O.E. (Poetically Organized Entity)
Hatched: 1981, on planet Aggression
Parents: Sarcasm, Spite
Occupation: Articulation
Special Skills: Speed, rhymes, rage
Points of Note: Beaten, ship full of hip hop awards
Quote: “I’m just some weirdo who’s axis is off kilter, who’s half assed practice has enough skill to kill ya
Likability: Minimal

Dan Murray (Alternate)
Born on the Moon and raised in the ‘burbs of St. Catharines, Dan Murray has spent the years of his life studying humankind and their more vibrant behaviours, honing them into an engine of misplaced cynicism and muffled annoyance His work is often, ostensibly, highly critical of social behaviours that defy common sense; however, beneath the anger and vulgarity lies a fond hope for, and great faith in our ability to better ourselves and rejoice in the shared experience that is life on this planet.

Photo by Autumn Gard

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