2014 Burlington Slam Project Team


Team Bio:

The 2014 Burlington Slam Project (BSP) Team consists of founder and host Tomy Bewick, Grand Slam Champion and Burlington Arts and Culture Collective member Dan Murray, former satanic rapper turned performance poet, Bassam (Pronounced like “Awesome” with a “B”), Toronto based singer, songwriter, and spoken word poet, Aria “Ambrosia” Tesolin and Brantford’s slam poetry ambassador, Jaded. Tomy has published and released several books and CD’s, and has featured across Canada as a performance poet. Dan has participated in multiple national poetry teams, earning accolades and garnering fans. As a returning team member, Bassam has earned many features across the GTA and continues to encourage community members to find their own voice. Aria “Ambrosia” Tesolin is most notably recognized for her unique operatic voice and recently released her sophomore album “Ascension,” featuring her original compositions and lyrics. Jaded is known for appearing on the national slam teams of Guelph, London and Kitchener-Waterloo, but notes that she had her first slam in Burlington. The team is comprised of a variety of diverse talents and skills that can only be called eclectic and electric. Find out more at www.burlingtonslam.wordpress.com


Indie Bios:

Tomy Bewick is the founder and host of the Burlington Slam Project (BSP) for the past 6 years. A performance poet familiar with national and international finals stages, he currently works as a construction industry professional with a specialty in environmentally sustainable construction (LEED AP). Tomy has published several collections of poems, released a couple full length spoken word CD’s and featured across the country, and in the US. He looks forward to working with new poetic voices and continuing to provide a platform for local and international artists to tell their stories and share their words at the BSP.

Dan Murray is a Spoken Word Artist and musician based in Burlington. As a three-time member of the Burlington Slam Project national team, he has competed in Toronto, Saskatoon, Montreal, and Charlotte NC, often standing with Burlington on semi-final stages and the occasional finals stage. He’s just uncomfortable enough to be almost charming, and he enjoys a good hat. His band, The Great Lakes Privateers have begun building their own modest following in the Hamilton/Halton areas, and his name is one that is continuing to grow within the community.

Bassam (pronounced like “awesome” with a “B”) is a demi-demonic shape shifter from Brampton, Ontario.  Under the moniker ‘Rare Form’, he released a Satanic Rap EP, “ALL WILL SUFFER!!” (2004). Under his pen name, ‘Samuel H. Kelly’, he published a dark poetic anthology entitled 49 (2010). Since beginning to compete in poetry slams early in 2013, he has earned multiple feature performances, was selected as a showcase poet for the final night of the 2013 Ontario Provincial Poetry Slam (SLAMtario), and was a finalist at the 2013 Toronto International Poetry Slam.

Ambrosia, also known as Aria Tesolin, is a Toronto based singer, songwriter, and spoken word poet, most notably recognized for unique operatic voice in music, and confessional poetry in spoken word. Now an artist with a rising international performance career, Aria began singing opera at a young age and was once named the Youngest Opera Singer in the world. She recently released her sophomore album “Ascension,” featuring her own original compositions and lyrics. She won the title of “Grand Slam Champion” of the BAM! Slam team at the age of 17. A previous member of the first ever Mississauga slam team, she is now excited to be a returning member of the Burlington Slam Team for the second consecutive year, competing at CFSW 2014 in Victoria, BC.

Jaded has been performing her poems across Ontario and Canada for close to 5 years. Working with writers groups in Brantford, Ontario, and discovering poetry slam in Burlington; Jaded has since represented multiple Ontario communities on the Canadian national stage including London (2011), Guelph (2012) and most recently Kitchener-Waterloo, in Montreal, QC (2013). Jaded jazzes it up with her jovial jargon and her poems range from humorous double entendre to getting the word out on serious social issues. While advocating for community arts and working with the Burlington Slam Project, Jaded is looking forward to making her 4th National appearance this October, in Victoria, BC.

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