2015 Burlington Slam Project Team

Our 2015 Burlington Slam Project team is:


Bassam (Grand Slam Champion) (Middle-left)

When he needed to choose between the red and blue pills, Bassam got greedy and took both.


The result: a heavy metal-maniacal, bubble gum dance machine from the future who has been catapulting his own brand of game show poetry and lyrics for over ten years.
As satanic rapper ‘Rare Form’, he released his “All Will Suffer!!” EP in 2004, and as dark warlord word wizard Samuel H. Kelly, released his poetic anthology “49” in 2010.
Bassam is a three-time member of the Burlington Slam Project, 2015 Grand Slam Champion, and Canadian Festival of Spoken Word semifinalist in 2013. His poem, ‘Gastric Gehenna’, was published in English and French in the 2013 CFSW anthology “34 Poems in Translation”.  A Jewish-Arab feminist, Bassam writes poetry on a variety of topics, including body image and bullying, gender equality, Middle Eastern politics, technology, cubicle life, and, the ever-clichéd failed love.

Tomy Bewick (bottom-right)

Tomy Bewick is the founder, host and artistic director of the Burlington Slam Project (BSP). He is a poet familiar with national and international finals stages, as well as a fulltime professional with a specialty in environmentally sustainable construction (LEED AP, BD+C). Tomy has published two collections of poems, released three full length spoken word CD’s and featured across Canada, with multiple appearances in the US. He looks forward to working with new poetic voices in his community, as well as continuing to provide a platform for local and international artists to share their words, at the BSP.

Sebastian (bottom-left)

Sebastian is a Hamilton raised poet who was introduced to slams January of this year and is totally loving it. Getting started at the BSP, Sebastian writes about race, identity,  and what being Canadian means to him growing up in the Steel City. When not standing behind a microphone, Sebastian likes to stare at his totally sweet English literature and education degrees and think about all the good stuff there is left to teach and all the poetry there is to write.

Korey (top-left)

Korey recently landed on Earth, and he likes it here. A spiritual being having a human experience, he enjoys talking to strangers, making things up on the spot and being the center of attention. Possible side effects of interaction with Korey include: side-splitting laughter, the urge to be spontaneous and a new perspective on the word ‘crazy’. With work focused on mental health, personification and men’s violence, Korey is a budding poet who hopes to soak up as much as he can and explore slam poetry on a variety of stages as a first time member of the BSP.

Aly (top-right)

Born and raised in Burlington, Aly discovered Slam poetry through her high school English program. She began competing at the Burlington Slam Project last August, and is extremely excited to be on the 2015 team! Her works mainly focus on mental health, identity and the environment. Aly is looking forward to gaining experience both as a performer and writer over the next year.

Coach – Dan Murray (middle-right)

Dan Murray is a Burlington-based spoken word poet and musician who has competed multiple times on national and international stages.  Recently, however, Dan has taken a role as a co-organizer of the Burlington Slam Project, and an official coaching role for Burlington’s 2015 International Slam Team. Always in pursuit of a deeper understanding of language and poetry, Dan pushes himself constantly to improve, and tries to do the same with any emerging poets with whom he interacts.

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