Season 10, the final season of BSP’s slam has begun! Here are the rules for earning points towards making our team!

First off – everyone who slams gets 1 point. Each time you slam.

Secondly – each slam will have a scoring system as follows:

1st place – 5 points

2nd place – 4 points

3rd place – 3 points

4th place – 2 points

5th place – 1 point

At the end of the season, the poets with the 12 highest scores qualify for finals.
At finals, higher season scores will be rewarded with some head-start points for the slam.
Let’s have an awesome season everybody!
SEASON 10 POINTS (Out of 60):


September slam 2018

Jess                    55.4      5

Doe                    55.1      4

Ayla/Andi          53.1      3

Robyn                52.9      2

RJ Calzonetti     31.0      1


October slam 2018

Robyn                54.4      5

Jess                    53.4      4

Andi/Ayla          52.9      3

Doe                    52.1      2

Chris                  51.7      1

RJ Calzonetti     33.9


November slam 2018

No slam – not enough attendance


December slam 2018

No slam – not enough attendance


Currently Qualified for 2019 FINALS!

***We need to have at least 8 slammers who have slammed twice by end of March 2019 in order to have a final SLAM in April and put together a team for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) happening in Guelph, late October 2019

Jess – 9pts

Robyn – 7pts

Andi/Ayla – 6pts

Doe – 6pts


Needs to Slam AT LEAST 1 More Time in Season to Qualify for team


RJ Calzonetti – 1pt

Chris – 1pt


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