The 2018 Burlington Slam Team

BSP 2018 Team Bio: With poems, buttons, chapbooks, and appearances both local and International on deck; the 2018 BSP team aims to inspire, entertain and engage audiences with a diverse range of styles and perspectives that channel honesty, challenge social norms, and bring forward a creative expression of the authentic human experience.Team 2 blog

The Team consists of:

Robyn Kaur Sidhu (she/her/they/them) is a Queer, Punjabi-Canadian spoken word poet from Brampton, Ontario. She is currently enrolled at McMaster University in the faculty of Humanities, where she pretends to know what she wants to do with her life. She competes at poetry slams and enjoys things that rhyme. She is the Burlington Slam Project’s 2018 Grand Slam Champion, and their 2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam representative, where she placed 27th out of 96 poets. She is also on the Burlington Slam Project’s 2018 team. She is trying to live her best life always. You can find Robyn slithering through thrift store aisles and at any open mic near you. Or on Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter @Robyn_Sidhu she encourages you to reach out to her!Robyn 2


Michelle Hillyard (she/her) is an award-winning spoken word poet and professional introvert from Mississauga, Ontario. In her first year on the scene, she competed in multiple slam finals, including the 2018 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam in Vancouver, where she placed top ten in the country. She is the 2018 winner of the MARTY award for emerging literary arts, from the Mississauga Arts Council. She’s the workshop coordinator for the Mississauga Writers Group, and mother to three amazing children. Proudly neurodivergent, her work focuses on neurodiversity, autism acceptance, as well as mental health and body positivity.Michelle 2


Fira (they/them/he/him) is a spoken word poet currently residing in Tkaronto (Toronto). Their experience with their first open mic sparked an intense and passionate love affair with poetry and how three minutes could move a room and uplift the soul, specifically focusing on the topics of mental health, queerness, and healing through art. In 2017 they joined the Guelph Poetry Slam team, together finishing fourth at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. They are now on the 2018 Burlington Slam Team and an organizer for Voice of Today Youth Poetry Festival. They can be found slamming in Toronto, Guelph, and Burlington, and most easily reached via their Facebook page where they encourage you to reach out!Fira 2


Keeley is a writer and spoken word artist with a flare for spaciously spiritual poetry inspired by everything from the cosmic to the commonplace. Starting as an audience member at the BSP slam nights in 2015; she finally decided to bring her own work to the stage and has since come into her own with a unique style of story-telling and creative writing. Keeley is currently residing in Hamilton ON while working in childcare, and is returning to school to pursue a career in psychotherapy. She is a member of the 2018 Burlington Slam Project National team.KEELEY 2

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